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The first attempt to create a “School of Commerce” was made in 1877, when a Royal Decree was published on 17 August 1877 in the “Madrid Gazette”. That petition was made by three city councillors to the Cartagena mayor, who was then Mr Leopoldo Cándido y Alejandre. The demand was not taken into consideration. Once the possibility of having a “School of Commerce” was abandoned, all the citizens' efforts were concentrated on creating a “School of Mining Specialists” and, well into the 20th century, on the exemplary “Grade Schools”.

Business studies began in Cartagena in 1921 with the approval of Royal Decree of 16 September, when Mr Manuel Zamora Vivancos was the mayor. This allowed the creation of the School of Commerce in Cartagena under the patronage of the city council, which bore all its expenses for a few years. That patronage was maintained until 1940. In 1925, the school was included in the Levante Region to comply with Royal Order of 8 November 1924. On 18 October 1932, it was promoted to the category of Professional School of Commerce, enabling it to provide a degree in commerce teaching. In October 1976, it was transformed into a University School of Business Studies, its first director was Mr Rosique Jiménez and it became part of Murcia University. Since then it has moved location, assigning the former premises in exchange, and has considerably increased the number of students. Since November 1987, when the director was Mr Juan Jesús Bernal García, the headquarters of the former University School of Business Studies and now Faculty of Business Sciences have been at the building located on Paseo Alfonso XIII.

Since the creation of Cartagena Technical University through Act 5 of 3 August 1998, the following persons have been the Deans of the Faculty of Business Sciences: Mr Juan Jesús Bernal García, Mr Juan Patricio Castro Valdivia and Mr Antonio García Sánchez. At present, the Dean is Mr Antonio Luis Duréndez Goméz-Guillamón and the faculty's headquarters are in the former navy training barracks (CIM).

Most of this text comes from: 'Historia de la Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales (1921-1995)' by Agustín Diéguez González. Murcia University publications service. ISBN 84-7684-686-X.

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