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Dear university community, colleagues, students and friends of the faculty, through this virtual platform we would like to give you an introduction and inform you of everything that takes place at the Faculty of Business Sciences of Cartagena Technical University in a precise way.

The European university reform agreed in Bologna has clearly led to sweeping changes in the Spanish university system and provided an opportunity for improvement that will foster further mobility among future graduates.

In that adaptation process, the internal quality assurance system plays an essential role since it will enable the faculty to achieve its mission in an efficient and effective way and receive accreditation for the continuity of the bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral degrees with the aim of obtaining the excellence certificate for all the degrees. As part of the faculty's internationalisation policy, we were one of the first to teach subjects in English, enabling us to provide a bilingual option for the degree in business administration. This alternative training supplements our students' education and opens the door to the job market in other European countries or elsewhere in the world. Likewise, we will continue with the faculty's internationalisation task by fostering exchanges between students, teachers and administrative and service staff within the Erasmus programme as well as bilateral agreements with other prestigious universities.

Our students' specialisation is guaranteed with the broad offering of postgraduate degrees such as the MBA and others related to the management of tourism companies and social economy firms. We also provide inter-university master's degrees in accounting and finance, employment advice and intermediation, occupational safety and local development and employment.

As a result of providing a doctoral programme together with other Spanish universities, we train doctors of economics and business administration. Moreover, the faculty has major initiatives to support and foster an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among its students. Another area which we consider fundamental is fostering the repercussion on and transfer to society of the research and knowledge generated at the faculty. That is why we set up an Economy and Society Forum, a website that links us with the companies, and the faculty's description together with other initiatives that enables us to maintain and foster permanent contact with the economic and social players such as the COEC (Cartagena’s confederation of business organisations), the Chamber of Commerce, the professional associations, and the local and regional council, enabling us to know and be up to date with the actual situation of the local environment aimed at meeting society's needs.

The faculty currently provides a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism (which will be extinct) a Master's MBA, a Master's Degree in Administration and Management of Social Economy Firms, a a Master's Degree in Administration and Management of Tourism Institutions and Companies, as well as four inter-university degrees: a a Master's Degree in Occupational Safety,a Master's Degree in Local Development and Employment,a Master's Degree in Career Advice and Intermediation, cwith Murcia University; and a Master's Degree in Corporate Accounting and Finance with Almería University. With this brief introduction, we welcome and invite you to get to know our faculty.

Antonio Duréndez Gómez-Guillamón
The Dean
Faculty of Business Sciences

    Faculty of Business Sciences | Calle Real 3 - 30201. CARTAGENA | Telf. 968 32 55 69 | Fax 968 32 55 77 | decanato@fce.upct.es